Any type of worrying is unhealthy for the body and only causes damage in all parts of one’s life. When you really look at it constantly worrying causes more problems than the problem itself.  American’s tend to find stress as a normal way of life.  However, to keep your health one most slowly pill away things that causes it and learn how to calm the mind when it wants to obsessively go on about something you cannot change. Here are some of the things I do to stop worrying.

  • Is this something I can work on or fix right NOW? If yes, great than ACTIVELY do something about it right now. If no, then let it go until an opportunity arrives.
  • Is what I’m thinking about directly affecting me right NOW or is this something I am afraid of that might happen in the future? If it is affecting you now then again do something about it. Change the way you feel,  think or do. Again, if there is nothing you can do about it…let it go. If it is something that is in the future there is no way one can truly know what will happen. Think as positive as you can about yourself and the outcome you wish to have instead.
  • Stress can come from your environment. Ask yourself can I change my environment right NOW or is this something I have to look at different to bring myself peace?  Some stressful situations can be brought on by being around people that are constantly negative like friends or family.  If this truly bothers you it is important for your health to consider going a different direction in your life. You might have out grown family or friends. If is a job you are dependent on, you might try meditating before work and after.  You will be amazed how your positive energy will affect others around you. Instead of thinking negative about their behavior continue to say positive things about them until you see the results. Before you know it their behavior is cheerful or they  might find a new job or get promoted to a different department. Yes, it is that easy.
  • Stress can also come from avoiding change. For instance, if there is something you have really wanted to do but never seem to have the time to do it.  This could also be a subconscious pattern of avoiding the responsibility of what you really desire. We tend to have this crazy turmoil with ourselves without knowing it. Try making small steps towards the thing you want. If it is exercising, spend time working out as soon as you think about it.  Even if it is just jumping  jacks, push ups or hoping on your treadmill.  It only takes an initial action to get started in the right direction.  Stop the habit of putting it off.

I hope this helps.


Auto Writing

In the video Melissa explains how auto writing works.  It is a spiritual or energy connection with your Higher Self.  It can also be a connection with your guides or archangels.  I never knew there was a name for this. I have been doing this for 7 years and had no idea other people were also able to do this, too. Amazing.