About Me


My mom sat me down one day when I was 17 years old. I will never forget her words. “Did you know that everything on earth has an essence and that its light lives such as fruit and flowers eternally?” Now, that I’m writing this down for the first time ever it does translate strange but somehow I knew exactly what she was talking about. Then she handed me “I Am Discourse” by Saint Germain.  There are a 16 book series. In five years I read up to 12. These books were so intense and full of energy.  During that time I was awed by reading that something so fantastic existed without my knowledge without the majority of the world’s knowledge.  It was the first time I read about Mount Shasta and the many Ascended Masters working to prepare the world for this year December, 2012.

I begin to read other books such as “Conversation with God” by Neal Donald Walsh, “Telos” by Auriela Louise Jones and “The Journey Home” by Lee Carroll.  I started my own dialogue with God/Higher Self and being to absorb a better understanding of who I was.

I struggled being so young and awakened. I was stuck for many years between society’s demand to fit in, have a degree, a job and get married and spiritual trust or “being”.  I did not understand it during the 19 years of struggle that it was never meant for me to live linear.  As I got closer to my 30’s I begin to forgive myself for I feared I had walked away from the many opportunities I had to be a constant awaken being and to pursue higher and higher consciousness.

I feel blessed now at 35 years old to have had such wonderful experiences that cannot be explained by the physical. I did not know about clairvoyance and telepaths, but had all of these gifts and pushed it away to belong. I recently learned to embrace them and nurture them so they can grow stronger.

My Purpose for the blog:

To help others who struggle between the mind and their being hoping that someone will never feel crazy or alone.  I also wish to have an update forum of information regarding changes to our bodies, mind and spiritual world.  This open blog will allow the awaken to freely talk about what is happening to them without judgement.


5 comments on “About Me

  1. Your story really helps me out and gives me courage and strength to keep going the direction I am headed. You are amazing. ❤

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