Cherry Blossom Dream

This dream was choppy. But I remember how I felt. There was a moment where I knew I was in Japan in the winter time. My husband (not the one I’m married to now) was Japanese although he was raised here in America. He was on a business trip. At some point I went walking and past the most beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree. I remember it didn’t have many bloomed flowers on it yet like the picture above. I admired it like I do all plants in real life. I took two seeds from it and ate it. Then I wondered if they were poisonous. (Crazy after-thought.) Of course it was not. I remember being at some type of resort with my husband in a huge hot whirl pool of some kind. There were others in it; mostly couples. I remember feeling so connected to my husband. There was no jealousy, shame, guilt, regret, lust or worry. I was content. He was a brilliant man, it seemed like he was a chemist or some type of scientist. He was very good at math. He would correct how I added or help me with mathematical problems, but I was not angry but relieved that he knew so easily how to solve the math. In this huge whirlpool we were served by female waitresses meals. I remember I had a lot to eat. ( I normally will gorge myself in Japanese food because it is my favorite.) But, he ate little. He also seem content and did not have any judgment against me. He accepted me for who I was and I him. There was no need for us to touch because we shared an energy source that filled every need within us. I believe the stay at the resort was paid for by his business since he was on a business trip and I was just tagging along. 🙂 Any ideas?

Possible Meaning:

To dream of cherry blossoms means feminine beauty. Cherry blossoms are also symbolic of the transience of life due to their short blooming times. Many new and major changes will be occurring in a short amount of time.

To dream of cherry tree means luck, spring, femininity, and youth. To see a cherry tree in your dream means rebirth and new awakenings.

To dream of seed, foretells increasing prosperity, though present indications appear unfavorable.



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