Recently I have learned forgiveness is constant and it is part of a sequence. First, I forgive myself although in the moment of anger I might not realize that I had my play in it, I soon become  aware that  somehow I did.  Second, I must forgive the other person because like me they are learning about the World, the Universe and make a lifetime of mistakes (This can sometime be difficult if you haven’t seen yourself participating).  Third, I let go of the story going along with the incident. The story about what happened keeps me trap in the anger and wanting revenge.  Fourth, I send love, blessings and I think of an outcome that I would like to see but don’t expect and focus on light/positive thoughts.  I continue to give love while picturing the other person and rejoice while pouring my heart into them. I also illuminate myself with love because I  must know that no matter how many mistakes I make I AM  there for me and always forgiven no matter what the situation may be.  I am only human.