Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Videos

Here are two videos and a little explanation on the technique that helps release negative old thoughts and feelings that may keep you from embracing your abundance in all factors of life.

“EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was initially elaborated by Gary Craig.  It’s one of my favorite tools for facilitating change in our daily thought patterns.  Whether you want to get rid of an old belief or develop a new positive one, EFT can get you there!

So how does EFT work?  When we experience something emotionally painful, our brain creates a negative emotional association based on the circumstances of that event.   For example, if you’ve been in a car accident, you might experience very strong negative emotions when listening to people talk about driving a car, even if you are not in danger right now.    This emotional response is triggered by the memory of the traumatic event.”

For more information go to —-> http://www.eliselebeau.com/eft

I really enjoyed this wonderful lady below as well.


A List of Our Spiritual Senses

I’ve always wanted to know the difference between these gifts. I have a feeling the list below is what we all are heading towards spiritually. I will add more as I do my research. Enjoy. 🙂


VOYANCE. Clairvoyance is the reason why a psychic can see beyond time and space. From the French words “clair” meaning “clear”, and “voyance” — “vision”, clairvoyance is a form of ESP that allows a psychic to see the past, present, and future. Clairvoyant abilities are commonly used by psychics to give readings, but there are also some cases that clairvoyant abilities together with the sixth sense, allows psychics to see spiritual beings.


AUDIENCE. Another form of ESP, is clairaudience — originating from French terms “clair” meaning “clear”, and “audience”, which means hearing. In clairaudience, the person acquires information by paranormal auditory means. Usually, someone gifted with this ability can hear voices, tones, or noises, that come from spiritual entities.


SENTIENCE. Clairsentience refers to the “gut feeling” of a psychic. It is their ability to read energy vibrations of a person, object, event, or place.


LALIENCE. The sense of smell is the focus of clairlalience. With this ability, psychics can smell what a spirit was like when he was still alive. For example, if the spirit when still living was a smoker, the psychic can smell smoke.


GUSTANCE. Clairgustance is a form of ESP that is associated with the extraordinary ability of tasting. The psychic who possesses this ability is able to identify the essence of a substance from the spiritual dimension through taste.


COGNIZANCE. Completing the list of psychic senses, is claircognizance, or “clear knowing.” No one can really tell the reason or source of information for the claircognizant ability. Simply put, it is the capability to just simply know things, without any scientific or logical explanation at all.



PATH. Telepathy is a direct transference of thought from one person (sender or agent) to another (receiver or percipient) without using the usual sensory channels of communication. Since it is without the use of sensory channels (related to the five senses of humans), it’s also called Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).


Telepathic abilities are about connecting frequency with that which you ‘read’. It is like turning on a radio and finding the right station. You just have to know how to ‘tune in’. For a few people this skill comes easy – but normally telepathy is never developed though many people try. Different meditation techniques and learning to focus the mind are the key to this.


KINESIS. Telekinesis is essentially the ability to move an object on the physical plane using only psychic power. While some people think that it is an occult practice, this is not strictly so. I can only give my perspective, but I believe that we are all born with this skill. It is inherent, like walking, talking, breathing. We simply neglect it from day one.

A common theory is that TK works by energy fields (magnetic or electric) or by “waves” of psychic energy, which are actually dense enough to push/repel an object. Most people’s only encounter with TK is accidental- something mysteriously falls over or objects fly around a room, a phenomena often mistaken for a poltergeist when it may actually be a person with spontaneous telekinetic powers.


PORTATION. Teleportation is the ability of moving matter from one point in time and space to another point in time and space instantaneously. There are different types of teleportation available at this time both visual and physical teleportation are possible and we use visual teleportation as our starting point.The different types of visual teleportation are. visual body or astral body teleportation, or visual object teleportation but before we can master teleportation we must first learn the art of Telekinesis/Psychokinesis and Clairsentience and the higher state of consciousness the seventh sense.



Reading objects by touch: The psychic has a variety of ways to receive information, Tarot, crystal balls and auras for example. But some are drawn to certain methods that work better for them, so we come to Psychometry. Psychometry is a psychic skill that involves the handling of objects in order to pick up information about that objects history or the events or emotions of people connected with that object.



A psychic as strictly defined is a person who is able to sense things that are not available through ordinary sensory perceptions. Such perception might include being able to divine things about a person not present through use of an object or article belonging to the person, called psychometry. A psychic might also be clairvoyant, seeing things or perceiving things others can’t, as the boy in the film The Sixth Sense does. Alternately, a psychic might be able to see or predict events in the future, called precognition.

Not all psychics claim to have equal gifts. A person who claims clairvoyance might work as a medium, connecting the dead to relatives or helping them pass onto the next world. This psychic ability is used in popular television shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer.



Levitation is the ability to rise ones self from the ground using the ability of the human body and mind in the past we have blended energy with objects in the visual sense this time we will try to bring this sense into physical being through the sensations of the human body and mind. Your question here is how?

The human mind registers all sensation that we encounter in our daily lives this is also true in the spiritual and metaphysical worlds as well even if we are not aware of it at the time.

This technique here may sound silly but there is a method to my madness as you will understand in time. This first technique is in the ability of rising and one that is easy to learn with little effort need.

Sounds simple doesn’t it! what you’re about to learn is the first step in physical levitation notice every sensation and take notes on all sensations that you encounter with this technique your thoughts and sensations will serve you well in this exercise.



An Empath is someone who can feel other people’s emotions as their own: you literally feel what other people feel.

Empaths find themselves in the tricky situation of being overwhelmed by the quantity of emotional information they receive. I can sense the emotions of everyone around me, even my next door neighbors. It comes to me like a scrambled radio station where I get bits and pieces from all those people. In its raw form, this emotional information is incoherent and even painful as we feel all the negative emotions from everyone around us.