Cherry Blossom Dream

This dream was choppy. But I remember how I felt. There was a moment where I knew I was in Japan in the winter time. My husband (not the one I’m married to now) was Japanese although he was raised here in America. He was on a business trip. At some point I went walking and past the most beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree. I remember it didn’t have many bloomed flowers on it yet like the picture above. I admired it like I do all plants in real life. I took two seeds from it and ate it. Then I wondered if they were poisonous. (Crazy after-thought.) Of course it was not. I remember being at some type of resort with my husband in a huge hot whirl pool of some kind. There were others in it; mostly couples. I remember feeling so connected to my husband. There was no jealousy, shame, guilt, regret, lust or worry. I was content. He was a brilliant man, it seemed like he was a chemist or some type of scientist. He was very good at math. He would correct how I added or help me with mathematical problems, but I was not angry but relieved that he knew so easily how to solve the math. In this huge whirlpool we were served by female waitresses meals. I remember I had a lot to eat. ( I normally will gorge myself in Japanese food because it is my favorite.) But, he ate little. He also seem content and did not have any judgment against me. He accepted me for who I was and I him. There was no need for us to touch because we shared an energy source that filled every need within us. I believe the stay at the resort was paid for by his business since he was on a business trip and I was just tagging along. 🙂 Any ideas?

Possible Meaning:

To dream of cherry blossoms means feminine beauty. Cherry blossoms are also symbolic of the transience of life due to their short blooming times. Many new and major changes will be occurring in a short amount of time.

To dream of cherry tree means luck, spring, femininity, and youth. To see a cherry tree in your dream means rebirth and new awakenings.

To dream of seed, foretells increasing prosperity, though present indications appear unfavorable.



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A Dream

I had this dream years ago. Once I wrote it down I couldn’t believe how much detail I remembered and felt. I still refer back to this dream that now looks like a short story from a sci-fi author.  It has taught me a lot about my self and who I choose to be. I did my best to translate the emotions to words because I felt more than I visioned. Enjoy. Please excuse grammar errors.

The First Earth

In the beginning after the downfall of man there were scavengers that remained on a barren Earth. They lived in old shacks and caves that were skeletons of what they use to be. Draped with warned leather over cracked windows and doors. The landscape was mostly made up of snow and ice. There were no other colors known but the brown and grey aged leather and fur they used to keep warm. There were no tribes or division of people. All who survived were all welcomed and rejoiced as the living. Everyone had a strong sense of connection to themselves and others around them.  However, these humans lived in great fear. They had no name for the darkness that swept away their young. Teechal, was the oldest and the bravest. He was one of the largest of the men. He was wise and took on scars throughout his body from a lifetime of battles. There were many others who learn from his skills but it was still meager to the defense of the dark ones who flew in the sky.
Years had passed and the group of humans had dwindled. Siphrise, Deetho, Carino and a few others packed their bags and desperate search of a larger group. Their plan was to bring them to the caves to help battle and gather food. It was known that no place was safe. No matter where you lived the dark came. Therefore, it was necessary to gather as many humans as they could for survival.

Siphrise did not return but the small gatherers were not in despair. They knew someday soon they would come home. Five years had passed in there were only thirty humans left mostly young adults and teenagers. The older adults were killed trying to protect the children. In spite of the loss there was a large amount of time where there were no attacks. The young adults became older and fell in love. A few had given birth. One special couple name Ionis and Erena were joined. They had a son Jonis. Erena kept her son close and watched him grow into an energetic toddler. After so long of no attacks there was a sense of peace but as a new mother Erena ‘s senses were keen and soon the dark came again.

Erena never felt jealousy, hatred or judgment.  She never felt insecure or emotionally unstable beyond the terror of having the dark come from nowhere at any time.

“Their coming,” She said staring into herself. “Their coming!!!” she screamed and gathered the children and placed them below. She took her weapons and joined the others who did not bother to question her alarm. They could barely suit up before the darkness was heavy upon their land. The physical dark could be wounded with spears and sent off course. But there was the energy darkness that crept corners of the shacks and up the skeleton stairs. It had found the children and sucked them into itself. Teechal had special medicine attached to his arrows that he whipped a batch of just before the attack. It barely phased the dark energy but it backed off with the children. Erena went after the dark bravely but was grabbed by her husband Ionis back into the now empty shacks they called their home. Erena did not understand why the others did not fight. Had the darkness weakened their bond? Had it eaten away at their will to live? How could Ionis of all people let his son be taken away with such ease? Her heart mourned and ached so that it gave a painful ache to her physical body where she could barely stand. Her very being felt dead and lifeless. She could not speak. There was too much turmoil within her that choked her vocal chords. She was empty.
Days had gone by when Erena slid from Ionis arms. She had pre-packed her gear for the long journey. She dressed herself in the cold with fiery determination. Her focus was uncomparible. The fourteen days it took to the physical darks’ layer seemed like a moment. Anger fed her and kept her warm. The flying dark saw her before she could reach any entrance and grabbed her with its claws. She did not try to escape she knew it could take her where she needed to go. The flying entity flew in the black rounded cave through the top and swooped closer to the ground while dropping Erena. It landed behind her and threw up a green magnetic goo that covered Erena’s entire body. She was even more furious at the act of being thrown up on after having her only son taken from her just days before. The anger forged itself to the goo.

“Why have you come here?” said the larger darkness that was in front of her speaking telepathically. She could feel his words vibrate through her. His energy had a sarcastic humor to it. It was comical to “It” that a mere human would even dare try and no human had never tried before. The fear paralyzed them just seeing the dark near their own homes.
Erena did not respond just yet. She was filled with even more anger interpreting the energies ego. She became one with the goo but the “It” did not see it. It was too busy being amused by her mild gesture of revenge. As she became the muck it grew hovering over the “it”.
“Where is my son?” she vibrated a dark anger energy now eye to eye to “it” who was 15 feet tall. The entity was no longer amused but was taken back by her metamorphosis. Without words the “it” summoned his flying dark to subdue her.  A rare red dragon darkened came and clawed at her but was sucked into Erena’s new form and became her wings. “It” tried to summon more but was stabbed in the forehead by Erena’s new claws and she collected the knowledge of who the physical darkness was and the location of her son. She now understood that the physical darkness were slaves of the darker energy and it fed off children mostly but did not discriminate against consuming adults.
“No!!!!!!” she refused to believe that her son was dead with all her family and friends. She slayed all the physical energy she could before she set out to find the darkest of dark.

Erena could fly now and soared furiously to her enemy. She did not waste time and communicated to the massive energy that scarred almost more than half of the planet. If seen from space you could see its worm-like structure laying across the earthly body leeching of the planet’s life stream. Erena could see the head of it and some of its hugeness. Although this entity was mostly negative energy to the human eye it looked like a black liquid.
Communication was full of static but Erena managed to emerged the name Lyken. The liquid dark told her that he ate her son and all was left were bones. More flying dark emerged and she made them to her new form. Flying above the entity she plummet down towards it filleting its bowels. Out came human bones and remains the proof she needed .
Erena let out a vicious roar and slayed the entity with all her might. Part of liquid dark splattered across the earth. Once she was done she fell to the snow beneath and waited for her death. The physical dark that she became disintegrated and the goo seem to melt away from her once human body. She felt a call to go home and tell her people that there was nothing more to fear. Yes, she was definitely sure she wished to relieve them of that. Her renewed vision restored focus.

There were no reasoning of how she got back to the skeleton shacks and caves. Her body dropped in the middle of what was once a town center. Ionis saw the mass from a shack. The others went full force to kill it. Ionis ran towards the center and felt a familiar presence.
“Wait!” he stopped the mob. He looked around to the opening from which the thing came from. “This can’t be Erena”, he said to himself. But somehow he knew it was. Some incredible force or connection within him told him this devil thing was her. He could not convince himself that it wasn’t her anymore and cloaked her with his garment. He picked her up and laid her near the fire. The other’s thought he had gone mad, finally, with the loss of his son and wife. But, no one took too much power against it.

“Lay me in water.” She uttered through a slit opening that could be recognized as a mouth. Her people filled a large container with warm water and laid her in it. What was once a devil-like creature was now somewhat recognize as Erena. She was still malformed but her features came through and her husband wept.
“Erena! What have they done to you?” Ionis submitted to his despair. She allowed herself to come out of the tub exposing herself. She no longer cared who saw after being the darkest of dark embarrassment was nonexistent. “I slayed the dark.” She said weakly. Everyone gasped and could not believe what she was saying and thought this was a trick. She was sent from the dark to look like Erena and once their trust was taken they all would be killed. The physical dark was known to take human form although this was the best they had ever seen. She kneeled by the fire after wrapping herself in fur and explained to them what happened.
Siphrise and the others had returned while Erena was battling the dark. They brought with them one hundred humans. The skeleton city was more than equipped to hold them. They brought supplies and more medicines. Siphrise was saddened by the few that remained. Before she had left they had a hundred of their own.
Too many decades of horror and fear had taken over the humans. They were overly frightened of Erena although she very slowly turned human. Her height was much taller than the average person, but it was still Erena.
“This is ridiculous,” said Mickus, a young adult sitting at the dinner table one evening that sat majority of the community. “I am tired of living in fear. I’m going to see if what she is saying is true. If it is true we should see the land covered.” his voice boomed and quieted the popping fire that was nestled in the fireplace nearby.
“No, what if it’s a trick to get us to go out there willingly?” said his sister, Lilan, holding on to his arm but she was really desperately trying to hold on to the last of her family.
“But, what if Erena is telling the truth and we can for once live in peace? Isn’t it worth it for our own sake and our soon children to now live a new life of freedom?” Everyone stared at his young wisdom. Even Teechal, the oldest, had nothing to say. He was long tired of living in fear and watching everyone be taken away or slaughtered before his eyes.

“Then I’m going with you.” Lilan announced. The two young adults packed their things. Erena was watched closely and was not allowed to move from her part of one of the smaller shacks purposely separated from the group. She felt no anger towards them or judged them. It wasn’t her way to see anyone separate from herself. Every move she made was intentional and had a purpose. No one had a “go with the flow” attitude like her.  Erena knew what was happening because she still had a very strong telepathic sense. She watched them carefully as they trotted on into the deep snow.

“Fourteen days it will take them.” Erena told one of the watchers. “If they do not return by then….” She stopped herself. Why spread any doubt. She knew the truth.
Although there were large carcasses everywhere the shells still had a negative force. The two young were caught in a blizzard in seek shelter in one of dark bodies that have not decade completely. Erena felt their decision and quickly tried to communicate with them not to go in, but they did not understand such energy language. Erena packed her things and quickly tricked the guard to walking away from the entrance of the shack. She heard his stomach growl. “I’m not going anywhere.” She lied. “Go ahead and grab yourself a meal.”  The guard was starving and believed that this creature was really Erena. “It will only take a few minutes,” he thought to himself.  As soon as he stepped away she set off into a flying stance, but soon realized she no longer had the ability. Her now long and thick legs raced across the open field.
Time is distorted in translation to a telepath. It is hard to indicate if an incident is happening now or later in the physical world. Telepaths can only understand now because that is what all energy reside in. The only moment a telepath can understand if it’s linear now is when the incident being predicted is only seconds away. Erena did not wish to take the chance of when it was happening it was too risky. When Erena reached Lilan and Mickus they had just made the decision to go in the dead bodies. Lilan saw Erana behind them and waited for her to come close.
“You were telling the truth.” Lilan smiled under her handmade scarf.
“Of course I was. Don’t go into those. The energy will change your form. Follow me.” Erena directed the two into a stone cave that was in the opposite direction.
“How did you catch up with us?” Lilan looked at Erena’s new form which sort of answered a piece of her question.
“I don’t know. I think I knew what you were going to do a few days in advance so I was able to catch up with you.” Erena smiled helping them build a fire from the pieces of clothes and dry weed she saved.
The three returned to the town and sat at the community table explaining everything. Lilan and Mickus spoke in detail what they saw and insisted that everyone could now live in freedom. It took a few years for the town to accept their new life and once a development of building sturdy homes came they began to venture from the town to see for themselves. Erena gained more wisdom being connected to her human family with so much love and compassion. She realized as time went by that she did not age but all those around her did including her husband, Ionis.
He soon lay in bed taking small breaths. He wield his energy to hold Erena’s hand for the first time since she returned and a different form.
“I love you,” he gasped. “I will always love you.” Erena knew within her heart that he had finally truly accepted her as the women he first fell in love with. She held him close.“Go to sleep, my love.” She kissed him on the forehead and allowed him to pass.
Teechal was now bound to a chair and spent most of his time in the community eating area where it was warm. He still loved being around people and telling them tales about the old days. Erena came to him and asked him telepathically to not embarrass him in front of the others if he would like to be young again and live another life time in a much younger body. He did not hesitate to say yes and grinned widely showing all his gums. She walked closer and hugged him inserting one of her sharp nails to his delicate skin. In a few days Teechal was able to walk again and took a much younger form each and every year.

The population grew larger after twenty years and much knowledge was gain to live a better life. New ways of life such how to live with nature and eating habits prolonged the lives of the now elders. Teechal and Erena were icons and were looked up upon. The two kept in great communication with the other humans on why things were the way they were. She explained all her new abilities and that she only had on chance before continuing energy change to give someone immortality. Teechal and Erena’s combined wisdom and energy enveloped the earth and protected it from dark forces from ever taking inhabitants again. Humans were now learning to protect themselves and raise their own vibration through unity and love. The strong energy kept them from being weak allowing prey to devour them.
Now, four hundred years had pass in the population is now grown to 5,000 from vagabonds joining from underground and other hiding places. Two citizenships were built under one kingdom; one that was of mostly of masculine energy under Teechal and the other under feminine energy under Erena. Erena kept a library so the humans would not forget how to protect themselves. Although many men fell in love with her she had chosen not to take a mate. There were way too young in her eyes. She was now close to 460 years old.
One day Erena gathered both type of citizens into an arena and explained her departure. She wish to pass and be born again. She saw her husband reborn as a young man and knew that this was what she wanted to do.
“I will return and human form and bring new wisdom.” She declared. Teechal hearing her decision decided he wished to pass on too. A huge memorial was made for them after their death and they were buried in the town center.
Another eight hundred years had passed and two twins were born. One was a male and the other was a female. Once the two became toddlers their parents knew who they were. They were wise beyond their years and learned very quickly. At this time the humans spread throughout the earth living healthy lives and although new technology brought them mechanical transit it still took days before they reached the palace that was built over the old original skeleton of a town.
The female twin now named Ilsrena did most of the speaking as they were sat in front of the King, Queen and twelve members of counsels. The three year olds stared around the new hierarchy in amazed.
“This is what you did after I left? What is this? You have observed negative energy in your well-being and have separated yourself from your people.” The young one frowned. “Nevertheless, there is hope. I see that you still have love within your hearts and you desire only the best for all.”
The King and Queen looked at each other and was disappointed at what they have heard. They were not sure what to do.

“We apologize for our confusion. But we thought you would be highly pleased. We build a huge empire and our people are organized. We have kingdoms all over the earth now and cannot be taken over by dark forces.”
“But you already have. By building kingdoms separated from the one you have become vulnerable.” The Ilsrena was pleased by their concern and eagerness to gain knowledge in spite of her small form.
“The people do not need a leader but guidance. They merely need direction.” Titanus, the male twin, now spoke with pride.
“We see that you desire power and you are frightened that we are here to take that from you. I will tell you honestly we have no interest in your “power” we only seek to continue protecting humans. If more power is what you hunger I am more willingly to help you in that direction.” Ilsrena spoke earnestly.
The King and Queen could not resist such offering since they have been working very hard to figure out how to gain more power for generations.
“Be Directors. Ascended Directors of this planet will guide all beings on earth to a better way of life, Unify them and help raise their vibrations. Do you wish to take on this very powerful responsibility?” Titanus offered.
The King spoke, “We will be honored to take such a position.” The twins Irena and Titanus walked up to the thrown and held hands with each other. They then touched the foreheads of the King and Queen. Once the energy was transferred the King and Queen were ascended to Directive Masters of Earth.
The twins took their places as counsel and only spread wisdom and love energy for the people. The ascension grew so large that it took over many galaxies. Other planets came to visit earth soon after sharing their way of life.

The language of the old was changed and they no longer used words that brought attention to the dark.
Even millions of years later we still hold, in our hearts, to the old ways. Somehow innate to believe that one person within our religion or culture thought of it but it was in all of us the entire time. Such example lies in baptism. What did Erena say when she returned from killing the dark? “Lay me in water.” We now take on the same practices not knowing the true originality or reason.
Like the humans from the beginning we must choose to love over all before giving our attention to government and politics. We do not need to be lead but directed and we have this direction within us. The English language has one of the most negative words used for expression. Change your language.


Recently I have learned forgiveness is constant and it is part of a sequence. First, I forgive myself although in the moment of anger I might not realize that I had my play in it, I soon become  aware that  somehow I did.  Second, I must forgive the other person because like me they are learning about the World, the Universe and make a lifetime of mistakes (This can sometime be difficult if you haven’t seen yourself participating).  Third, I let go of the story going along with the incident. The story about what happened keeps me trap in the anger and wanting revenge.  Fourth, I send love, blessings and I think of an outcome that I would like to see but don’t expect and focus on light/positive thoughts.  I continue to give love while picturing the other person and rejoice while pouring my heart into them. I also illuminate myself with love because I  must know that no matter how many mistakes I make I AM  there for me and always forgiven no matter what the situation may be.  I am only human.


Any type of worrying is unhealthy for the body and only causes damage in all parts of one’s life. When you really look at it constantly worrying causes more problems than the problem itself.  American’s tend to find stress as a normal way of life.  However, to keep your health one most slowly pill away things that causes it and learn how to calm the mind when it wants to obsessively go on about something you cannot change. Here are some of the things I do to stop worrying.

  • Is this something I can work on or fix right NOW? If yes, great than ACTIVELY do something about it right now. If no, then let it go until an opportunity arrives.
  • Is what I’m thinking about directly affecting me right NOW or is this something I am afraid of that might happen in the future? If it is affecting you now then again do something about it. Change the way you feel,  think or do. Again, if there is nothing you can do about it…let it go. If it is something that is in the future there is no way one can truly know what will happen. Think as positive as you can about yourself and the outcome you wish to have instead.
  • Stress can come from your environment. Ask yourself can I change my environment right NOW or is this something I have to look at different to bring myself peace?  Some stressful situations can be brought on by being around people that are constantly negative like friends or family.  If this truly bothers you it is important for your health to consider going a different direction in your life. You might have out grown family or friends. If is a job you are dependent on, you might try meditating before work and after.  You will be amazed how your positive energy will affect others around you. Instead of thinking negative about their behavior continue to say positive things about them until you see the results. Before you know it their behavior is cheerful or they  might find a new job or get promoted to a different department. Yes, it is that easy.
  • Stress can also come from avoiding change. For instance, if there is something you have really wanted to do but never seem to have the time to do it.  This could also be a subconscious pattern of avoiding the responsibility of what you really desire. We tend to have this crazy turmoil with ourselves without knowing it. Try making small steps towards the thing you want. If it is exercising, spend time working out as soon as you think about it.  Even if it is just jumping  jacks, push ups or hoping on your treadmill.  It only takes an initial action to get started in the right direction.  Stop the habit of putting it off.

I hope this helps.

Universal Contract and Expand

When I contract and expand it is painful just as you would strongly exercising any muscle in your physical body. My ego tries its best to win over causing drama and pain (contract) and then I awake and realize I’m better off just being and nothing else matters (expand).  Every moment this is used I become a greater/stronger being than my previous exercise.  I believe I have been exercising my spirituality all my life.  The physical no longer matters such as possessions.  What good are they if I am filled with hate, fear, frustration and life-long pain?  Only my being can heal those wounds.  There are many outward so called solutions that may temporarily patch it but it is My Higher Self that is the All and the True Healer.

No wonder we all fall into confusion.  In my experience I wanted to know the formula.  I tried 17 years to break life down to an easy format.  Life is too complex and simple to put on paper.  It is a duality and this is why there is no wrong or right, up and down, fast or slow, no time there’s only now.  I can never type it all no matter how hard I try.

I have stumbled on these things:  In spite of separation of religion, spiritual beings and science,  I do believe rather you are a Jew, Predestine,  Jehovah Witness,  Baptist or Catholic all will be welcome to the kingdom of heaven and all IS welcome.   This vibration is not discriminatory.  All is affected by its change.  We are forced to see ourselves ever day as though a permanent mirror is put in front of us.  How frustrating is that when you are not focused?  Very…let me tell you.  Every problematic event is an exercise.  I stump my feet, scream, holler, protest and have sink to a low depression only to rise again like the morning sun shining in the east.  And, yes I feel very schizophrenia during this process (laugh).

What I have discovered is NOTHING MATTERS.   If you wish to understand this deeper: NOTHING TURNS INTO MATTER/FORM…..unless….we allow it to.  Everyone really have to understand how powerful we all are.  We can create physical things through believing it is and can.  A voice out to the Universe (I do mean literally saying things out loud) is a request and which will/have been answered.  This is why it is so important to watch what you say and ask especially now when the energy on our planet is so intense.

So, don’t panic when you find that you have loss your grace – the quiet you, the Almighty You that can perform and complete any task.  It is the process of now.  Enjoy the so called bad times and good times as you contract and expand.  Allow yourself to be moody and swing from one faze of you to another.  It is ok. This doesn’t mean you are failing on your way to your journey to Ascension this only means you are extremely aware of it.  God Bless Us All!!!

Below is a helpful chart I am now using to try to stay on mark.

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Videos

Here are two videos and a little explanation on the technique that helps release negative old thoughts and feelings that may keep you from embracing your abundance in all factors of life.

“EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was initially elaborated by Gary Craig.  It’s one of my favorite tools for facilitating change in our daily thought patterns.  Whether you want to get rid of an old belief or develop a new positive one, EFT can get you there!

So how does EFT work?  When we experience something emotionally painful, our brain creates a negative emotional association based on the circumstances of that event.   For example, if you’ve been in a car accident, you might experience very strong negative emotions when listening to people talk about driving a car, even if you are not in danger right now.    This emotional response is triggered by the memory of the traumatic event.”

For more information go to —->

I really enjoyed this wonderful lady below as well.

A List of Our Spiritual Senses

I’ve always wanted to know the difference between these gifts. I have a feeling the list below is what we all are heading towards spiritually. I will add more as I do my research. Enjoy. 🙂


VOYANCE. Clairvoyance is the reason why a psychic can see beyond time and space. From the French words “clair” meaning “clear”, and “voyance” — “vision”, clairvoyance is a form of ESP that allows a psychic to see the past, present, and future. Clairvoyant abilities are commonly used by psychics to give readings, but there are also some cases that clairvoyant abilities together with the sixth sense, allows psychics to see spiritual beings.


AUDIENCE. Another form of ESP, is clairaudience — originating from French terms “clair” meaning “clear”, and “audience”, which means hearing. In clairaudience, the person acquires information by paranormal auditory means. Usually, someone gifted with this ability can hear voices, tones, or noises, that come from spiritual entities.


SENTIENCE. Clairsentience refers to the “gut feeling” of a psychic. It is their ability to read energy vibrations of a person, object, event, or place.


LALIENCE. The sense of smell is the focus of clairlalience. With this ability, psychics can smell what a spirit was like when he was still alive. For example, if the spirit when still living was a smoker, the psychic can smell smoke.


GUSTANCE. Clairgustance is a form of ESP that is associated with the extraordinary ability of tasting. The psychic who possesses this ability is able to identify the essence of a substance from the spiritual dimension through taste.


COGNIZANCE. Completing the list of psychic senses, is claircognizance, or “clear knowing.” No one can really tell the reason or source of information for the claircognizant ability. Simply put, it is the capability to just simply know things, without any scientific or logical explanation at all.



PATH. Telepathy is a direct transference of thought from one person (sender or agent) to another (receiver or percipient) without using the usual sensory channels of communication. Since it is without the use of sensory channels (related to the five senses of humans), it’s also called Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).


Telepathic abilities are about connecting frequency with that which you ‘read’. It is like turning on a radio and finding the right station. You just have to know how to ‘tune in’. For a few people this skill comes easy – but normally telepathy is never developed though many people try. Different meditation techniques and learning to focus the mind are the key to this.


KINESIS. Telekinesis is essentially the ability to move an object on the physical plane using only psychic power. While some people think that it is an occult practice, this is not strictly so. I can only give my perspective, but I believe that we are all born with this skill. It is inherent, like walking, talking, breathing. We simply neglect it from day one.

A common theory is that TK works by energy fields (magnetic or electric) or by “waves” of psychic energy, which are actually dense enough to push/repel an object. Most people’s only encounter with TK is accidental- something mysteriously falls over or objects fly around a room, a phenomena often mistaken for a poltergeist when it may actually be a person with spontaneous telekinetic powers.


PORTATION. Teleportation is the ability of moving matter from one point in time and space to another point in time and space instantaneously. There are different types of teleportation available at this time both visual and physical teleportation are possible and we use visual teleportation as our starting point.The different types of visual teleportation are. visual body or astral body teleportation, or visual object teleportation but before we can master teleportation we must first learn the art of Telekinesis/Psychokinesis and Clairsentience and the higher state of consciousness the seventh sense.



Reading objects by touch: The psychic has a variety of ways to receive information, Tarot, crystal balls and auras for example. But some are drawn to certain methods that work better for them, so we come to Psychometry. Psychometry is a psychic skill that involves the handling of objects in order to pick up information about that objects history or the events or emotions of people connected with that object.



A psychic as strictly defined is a person who is able to sense things that are not available through ordinary sensory perceptions. Such perception might include being able to divine things about a person not present through use of an object or article belonging to the person, called psychometry. A psychic might also be clairvoyant, seeing things or perceiving things others can’t, as the boy in the film The Sixth Sense does. Alternately, a psychic might be able to see or predict events in the future, called precognition.

Not all psychics claim to have equal gifts. A person who claims clairvoyance might work as a medium, connecting the dead to relatives or helping them pass onto the next world. This psychic ability is used in popular television shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer.



Levitation is the ability to rise ones self from the ground using the ability of the human body and mind in the past we have blended energy with objects in the visual sense this time we will try to bring this sense into physical being through the sensations of the human body and mind. Your question here is how?

The human mind registers all sensation that we encounter in our daily lives this is also true in the spiritual and metaphysical worlds as well even if we are not aware of it at the time.

This technique here may sound silly but there is a method to my madness as you will understand in time. This first technique is in the ability of rising and one that is easy to learn with little effort need.

Sounds simple doesn’t it! what you’re about to learn is the first step in physical levitation notice every sensation and take notes on all sensations that you encounter with this technique your thoughts and sensations will serve you well in this exercise.



An Empath is someone who can feel other people’s emotions as their own: you literally feel what other people feel.

Empaths find themselves in the tricky situation of being overwhelmed by the quantity of emotional information they receive. I can sense the emotions of everyone around me, even my next door neighbors. It comes to me like a scrambled radio station where I get bits and pieces from all those people. In its raw form, this emotional information is incoherent and even painful as we feel all the negative emotions from everyone around us.



Auto Writing

In the video Melissa explains how auto writing works.  It is a spiritual or energy connection with your Higher Self.  It can also be a connection with your guides or archangels.  I never knew there was a name for this. I have been doing this for 7 years and had no idea other people were also able to do this, too. Amazing.